Leica M6 “Historica Set”, 1995

Leica M6 “Historica Set” camera, 1995

Leica Historica e.V. is a photo-historical society based in Wetzlar, founded in 1975 by Theo Kisselbach, Georg Mann and others. The purpose of the association is research on the genesis and development of the Leica and the Leica System. The VIDOM magazine is the society’s regular publication, of which more than 100 issues have appeared.

Today, Leica Historical counts more than 400 members. The Leica Company considers Leica Historica an official brand club, which was documented for the first time with the issuing of a special dedicated Leica model for the society’s 20th anniversary in 1995. This was a silver chrome Leica M6 with body cover in blue leather, with a silver chrome 50mm Summicron lens and special engraving. Five years later this was followed by a silver chrome 28-35-50 mm TRI-Elmar lens and finally a Leicavit M in 2005. A total of 150 units of the camera was produced, 75 of the TRI-Elmar and 40 of the Leicavit. Thus, a complete set with all three components can exist only a maximum of 40 times. The TRI-Elmar in silver chrome is a scarce Leica lens as such, also in the civilian version, as only 500 units were ever produced.

A complete Leica Historical commemorative set, including the special edition Leica M6 with 50mm Summicron no. 011-150, matching 28-35-50 mm TRI-Elmar f/4 ASPH. (11900) no. 3891004 and Leicavit M (14459) no. 14/40, all complete in maker’s boxes.

Photo credit: © WestLicht Photographica Auction